Dispute at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

PCS members working for Interserve at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office are in dispute. After 18 days of strike action in 2019, ‘informal’ meetings between management and reps and several letters from MPs, our General Secretary and three rounds of ACAS talks, Interserve have yet to justify making staff wait six weeks for wages whilst moving pay dates without a contractural buyout.

ACAS had agreed to facilitate a union recognition process, but this relied on both sides being honest and fair. Interserve increased the number of staff to be counted for union membership, against what had been agreed intalks which meant a ballot of staff would be needed. PCS members feel that they cannot trust Interserve to honour the ballot outcome, as the process is not legally binding.

Union recognition was previously in place for these staff. Rather than make like easier for the FCO, for members and themselves by recognising the union again, Interserve continue to play games at great financial cost to them and at reputational risk to the FCO.

These hard working, dedicated PCS members have shown determination in this fight for fairness and respect in the workplace. They are an example of unity and solidarity. 

We are asking all our members, across the public and private sector, and across the movement to join us in demanding action. Join us to demand that Interserve treat their staff with the respect and dignity they deserve and demand that the Foreign Secretary bring the contract back in house and bring our members back into the civil service. 

At the very minimum we are asking the Foreign Secretary to meet with Interserve workers and their trade union representatives.

Please complete this e-action to call on the Foreign Secretary to intervene and settle this dispute.