ACT NOW! Public Services in Crisis

Public services across the UK are at breaking point. We have witnessed the decimation of vital services for too long with the civil service bearing the brunt of the Tories draconian cuts since 2010. Over 180,000 civil service posts have been lost since 2010, terms and conditions have been attacked relentlessly, pay has fallen, on average, by £3400 per year and morale is at an all-time low.

Civil Servants are increasingly undervalued and unrewarded by the Tories despite providing vital services to all members of society across Government departments. Tax collectors, driving test examiners, border force agents, court clerks and job centre advisors, services which are essential and are in desperate need of investment and support. We therefore need a budget which commits to a fully funded, above inflation wage rise for all civil servants as well the reversal of job cuts, service cuts and office closures.

We are calling on our members to support our campaign for a budget which has investment at its heart. Investment in people, jobs and public services. Join our campaign by sending this message to the Chancellor – it’s time to invest in the civil service; it’s time to invest in OUR public services!

Invest in services image