I've been betrayed on pay

Shocking conclusions of an analysis of government pay data, have revealed that since 2010, average civil service pay has fallen in value by between 8.6% and 11.4%; not only by comparison with the cost of living, but by comparison with the average pay of other parts of the public sector.

Since 2010, during the period of the public sector pay freeze and 1% pay cap, increases in average pay in local government, health and education have been consistently higher than the civil service. 

Last year, while unions and employers in health and local government were negotiating above inflation increases, civil service permanent secretaries met in secret and betrayed their staff, by agreeing that funding for pay increases should be limited to 1-1.5%.

Already this year, civil service chief executive, John Manzoni, has told PCS, that there is only 1% available to fund pay increases in the civil service.

This pay betrayal must stop. The government is in disarray over Brexit, and needs civil servants more than ever before.

As part of our pay campaign, please email the civil service chief executive, John Manzoni, and tell him; to argue with the treasury for additional funds, to negotiate with PCS for a civil service-wide pay increase, and ensure that civil servants receive a substantial above inflation pay increase in 2019.